South Korea stages drills to counter North Korean drone threats

The South Korean military conducted drills on Thursday to improve its defense against potential drone attacks by North Korea. The drills took place in the areas around Ganap-ri and Yangju, located approximately 30 kilometers northeast of Seoul, and involved the use of manned and unmanned assets such as KA-1 light attack aircraft and Apache and Cobra attack helicopters. The drills were conducted in response to North Korea’s infiltration of five drones into South Korean airspace on Monday, which raised concerns about the South’s readiness. In a press release, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) stated that the drills simulated procedures to detect, identify, trace, and intercept enemy drones under various hypothetical scenarios. The defense ministry also announced plans to spend 560 billion won (approximately $441 million) over the next five years on anti-drone projects, including the deployment of a laser weapons system. The JCS has also outlined plans to aggressively utilize strike assets, conduct regular drills, and incorporate platforms capable of shooting down drones without causing damage to civilians.

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