Finance Expert: West Ham at highest value ever in major new takeover reveal

Football finance expert Dan Plumley believes that the value of West Ham United Football Club is the highest it has ever been.

During his revelation, Plumley suggested that now be the right time for GSB to sell the club to shareholder Daniel Kretinsky, but did admit that the club’s value is likely to continue rising.

Rumoured to have the option to take the club over, Kretinsky could purchase the Hammers before April next year, however, the general consensus is that GSB will not agree to part ways with the club before then.

“Trying to pin a time on it is always really tricky as it comes down to individual motives,” he told West Ham Zone.

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“Two things into the mix here, West Ham have had a very good two seasons and their stock is rising on the pitch with their Europa League run which will increase value and we know the club is in good shape financially all things considered, the deal on the stadium is good.

“It’s a club in a good spot, and wider, there is some growth potential still in owning a football club, especially going back to the digital footprint. So, from a sell position, you could argue that West Ham are in a good position to sell and it’s probably the highest value West Ham have ever been at the minute.

“You may say that it’s an opportune moment to sell but you may say there is more growth there and the owners may see that as well, which may mean when is your exit strategy? Most people tend to people work in that stage on a three-to-five-year plan but things always change.

“I think there is growth still in West Ham United as a Premier League club, so it becomes a case of if you’re going to sell, what’s your price? They have their own marker and potentially may sell in the future.

“I don’t think the sale is dead in the water, but those are the things going into the mix.”

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